Growth investors enabling opportunity

We are investors and business builders.

We drive, empower, and pursue growth.


We are an established team of successful software entrepreneurs, who use our extensive experience and industry networks to upgrade and upscale enterprise software companies throughout the world.

Adept in realigning and revitalising businesses to accomplish ambitious goals, we strategically work closely with management teams to help organisations achieve their true potentials.


Reset the focus of the business, prioritise resources & maximise growth.


Upgrade policies, processes, systems & controls to improve directive focus.


Upscale & Implement expert plans to deliver more value for employees, customer and shareholders.

With compliance automation targeted and burgeoning Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements on industry, we invest in Tech, Industrial IoT and Data Analytics platform businesses.

Our motivations are to work with firms at the forefront of delivering services that assist in the adaption of complying with ESG regulatory requirements and alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by;

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